Laser Egg Air Quality Monitors – Nirvana Being
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Meet the world’s most popular indoor and outdoor smart air quality monitor. The Laser Egg tells you instantly and accurately what is in the air you’re breathing so that you know whether or not your efforts to keep your environment clean and healthy are working or not. The indoor air quality air monitor provides air quality readings in real time; measurements are taken every 0.1 seconds and displayed on the LCD screen. Air quality can be displayed as PM2.5 concentration, AQI and particle count. With the Laser Egg, now you can see the invisible.

Laser Egg Air Quality Monitors (3)

Laser Egg 2 Air...

Rs. 9,995.00

Laser Egg+ CO2 Air...

Rs. 16,995.00

Laser Egg+ Chemical Air...

Rs. 16,995.00