Office IT

Hardware and Software

We provide independent hardware and software advice and services for businesses and organisations helping you source and supply the IT side of your operations.

Whether you're looking to buy in some new software, hoping to unload some unwanted hardware or trying to recover lost files and data from a drive we offer a complete range and hardware and software services to suit your needs and requirements.


There's a lot of choice when it comes to technology but our detailed knowledge of the IT market place means we can help you choose the right solutions for your organisation.

IT Network Services

We provide a comprehensive range of IT network services ensuring your IT systems run at peak performance, don't slow down or drop out when you need them most.  

Unreliable network services can lead to significant businesses losses as constant computer network problems and downtime cost you both time and money.


Unfortunately, most organisations put up with these kinds of network issues and frustrations simply because they don't know any better or think it will cost a lot to fix them.